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Copper is an influential metal for both industrial and consumer applications. Our copper foil inventory consists of Electro Tough Pitch (110 alloy) and Oxygen Free (102 alloy). We also have copper foil sheeting and other copper foil sheet products that are Hot Tin Dipped to enhance solderability.

Copper is a versatile metal used in a variety of industries. Major characteristics include being a malleable and ductile metal with a very high thermal and electrical conductivity.

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1. Copper Coil

Our copper coil rolls are ideal for electrical conductivity uses. This product is carried in Alloy 110 and 102, with other alloys available upon request. Tempers are available in annealed, full hard, and as rolled. The copper foil rolls we offer are ideal for use in the following applications: cable wrap, batteries, solar/alternative energy, circuit boards, and transformers.

2. Copper Sheet

Copper sheets are popular products for uses such as coins, architecture, motor vehicles, structural engineering, and medical equipment. We supply copper sheet products that are versatile in use but reliable in application. With other alloys available upon request, we carry these sheets in Alloy 110 and 102. These copper foil sheets are available in gauges/thicknesses up to .010”. Finally, we offer a range of tempers, including annealed, full hard, and as rolled.

3. Copper Foil

Copper foil is available in Alloys 110 and 102. Upon request, other alloys are also available. Its many applications include: roofing, structural engineering, EMI/RFI shielding, circuit boards, and heat exchanging. These copper coils can be supplied on fiber, aluminum, steel, and plastic cores with inner diameters up to 20”. Available tempers include annealed, full hard, and as-rolled.

4. Copper Foil Tape

Our copper foil tape is a versatile product. It is used in applications ranging from stained glass to EMI/RFI shielding to arts & crafts. Copper foil tape is also popular to use in motors, labels, batteries, and electronics. All Foils’ copper foil tape comes in conductive and non-conductive adhesives with gauges/thicknesses ranging from .002” to .005”. Widths are available from .200” to 36”.

We also offer copper sheeting and copper slitting toll services for your convenience.

If you’re interested in learning more about our copper foil and copper sheet products, contact an All Foils representative today and find out how our products and services will best suit your needs.

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Copper Foil Rolls
Copper Foil Rolls
Copper is a characteristically reddish metal of bright luster

Copper Sheet and Foil Sheeting
Copper Sheet and Foil Sheeting
Copper is a highly malleable and ductile metal, a good conductor of heat and electricity

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Copper Coil
We have the capabilities to supply copper coils on fiber, steel, aluminum, and plastic cores from 1-5/16” to 20” inner diameters

Adhesive Copper Foil Tape
Adhesive Copper Foil Tape
Copper foil tapes are available in conductive and non-conductive adhesives